April 15, 2009

Got tagged -- do the sixth

So, I got tagged to post the sixth picture on my computer. That's tricky -- it all depends on how the list is formed -- and if I can even find the pictures on my computer.

I usually work with Bilbo, the main family computer. But he has been hypnotized recently to only make available what is most useful to me (Wow! I just made my well-meaning husband sound like some Microsoft henchman!), and so I cannot reach my pictures without first petitioning Gandolf, the all-powerful machine in the office. I suppose I could ask Aragorn (but Ben's MacBook Pro is down for the night)...and Arwen, my pretty white iBook, is sleeping...I don't know if Anduril, the iPhone, would even listen to a call through the network from Bilbo...

So, long story short -- Gandolf says this is the sixth picture in the "not yet backed up" file in his stash.

It is Archer on Josh. He's a Chinese dwarf hamster. We also have Checker, an albino checkered garter snake, and Flare, a motley colored fancy mouse. WAIT! I know what you are thinking ----- BUT FLARE IS NOT FOOD! Plus, Checker is only about 8 inches long.

The children are pining for about three more fancy mice, but we decided three cages, and the fish tank for Checker's meals, is enough for now. (Maybe sometime I will film Checker chasing his minnows around his small bowl -- it's pretty amazing to watch him gulp down four of the little guys!)

Happy living!

March 12, 2009

Economics from a 4 yr old

On a whim, Daniel and I stopped at a local donut shop for a 50 cent treat this morning.

I couldn't help but notice the rickety tables and chairs, the out of date wallpaper, the dilapidated posters, the ceiling leaking from last night's rain ... and I wondered again how little places like this stay in business. It seems that's all you hear about on the radio now -- all of the small endeavors that just can't keep afloat as the economy struggles. I wondered how much effort the beautiful Asian couple running the store put into it each day to eek out a living.

But Daniel had a different perspective. "Mom," he said with his tummy full of chocolate frosting and sprinkles, "when that lady (the one behind the counter) was a little girl, she decided she wanted to help kids. So she discovered she could be a donut lady and make lots of little kids happy. She is a good follower of Heavenly Father because He wants us to help people be happy."

I think I need to eat more donuts.

November 30, 2008

"John Williams is the man!"

Woke up singing this song this morning. Thought some of you other "Star Wars" fans might enjoy it. My children have it memorized...
(The rendition of Luke's whine is hilarious!)

The recording you hear is actually from an A Cappella group my cousin's husband Tim is in called "Moosebutter" (http://moosebutter.com/). The clip is phenomenal!

November 10, 2008

Goin' green...

No more paper.

Called and canceled it today.

When I sat down this morning to five unopened papers and zero desire to read them, I knew it was time.

I can't tell you how liberated I feel!

November 4, 2008

Aaack! It's another one!

He caught me at the right time.
I'd been feeling guilty for my self-administered ignorance.
I knew I was uninformed and was now contemplating action.
The proposed remedy fit my abilities ... I could do it...

I could subscribe to the paper!

Just for the weekend editions, mind you. Getting it everyday is information overload for me. It simply takes too long to even just skim the material. And sometimes I don't want to -- sometimes it is easier, and more emotionally sane, to remain ignorant.

Plus, it was only $12 for two months. Not much to pay for enlightenment, huh?

But there was a catch...

"Can I have them deliver it every day, for free?" The man looked at me like he was giving me the deal of a life time.

"No!" I began to panic. I had done that once before and swore never to take the paper that way again.

I tried to save face: "Isn't that pretty cost inefficient?"

It turns out that they can charge their advertisers more if they have a larger reader base. Regardless of whether or not I read it, it pays them to have it land on my driveway.

I gave up. "Sure," I said with trepidation. "You can deliver it ... (choke!) ... every day."

It has been a week. Yesterday morning I sat down to four unopened papers. I made it through three of them and dumped the last one right out of it's plastic into the recycling bin (with only a moment's concern that there might be something in there I would have wished to have known).

Call me what you will, but I now remember why I ran from the fellow at the grocery store who wanted to give me a $20 gift card for subscribing last year.

I guess I was a sucker this go-around.

It was all about timing -- the election, the economy, having just moved, upcoming holiday sales -- lots of information deficits.

Hopefully my recycling bin is getting informed.

August 8, 2008

Late night thoughts on elephants...

I've been remembering scenes with my sister Esther when we were teens:

The code words, said in a deeply despairing tone, "Today I feel like such a toad...,"

brought on the invariable answering response, "It could be worse..."

And so began the oneupmanship of slowly contriving progressively worse things that could have been or might have happened on such a "toady" day.

But it wasn't a guilt-laden experience of wallowing through all of the world's woes and trying to feel grateful that you are carrying your bucket of them rather than someone else's. It usually began that way, but it ended more like a lark -- a hilarious promenade down a doomsday road that only could be traveled by Murphy.

And the crowning statement that always sent us into gales of laughter: "It could be worse...you could have an elephant sitting on your head!"
(This MUST be said in all seriousness, with very matter-of-fact foreboding, for the desired effect.)

Somehow, once we got to the elephant, the game was up.

Who wouldn't feel better, knowing that she, once again, had escaped that blasted elephant? :)

[photo by Michael Graham Richard]

August 3, 2008

Sea World, San Antonio

One of our summer jaunts was to check out Sea World, San Antonio (2.5 hrs drive from our house). Ben took off a Friday from work...and we liked it so well that we went back the next Friday! We fed sea lions...


and Dan even bought himself a sword.

Hope you enjoy the next few posts of our two trips to Sea World! (7/11 & 7/18)